Protecting Art in the Street: A Guide to Copyright in Street Art and Graffiti


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Protecting Art in the Street on ymmärrettävästi kirjoitettu kirja, joka ohjeistaa grattifitintekijöitä ja katutaiteilijoita. Se kertoo, miten tekijänoikeuslait koskettavat graffitia ja katutaidetta, ja kuinka niistä voi olla hyötyäkin taiteilijoille.

Kirjailija: Enrico Bonadio
Kieli: englanti
Sivuja: 68 s.
Koko: 13 x 21 cm
Kansi: paperi
Julkaisu: lokakuu 2020, Dokument Press
ISBN: 9789188369352

Voima tilasi pienen satsin Dokument Pressin tuotteita myyntiin. Dokument Press on kustantamo, jonka juuret ovat ruotsalaisessa hip hop -liikkeessä. Tutustu muihin meillä myynnissä oleviin tuotteisiin täällä.

There has recently been a sharp increase in cases where corporations have been sued by street and graffiti artists because their artworks had been used and exploited without the artists’ authorisation, for example in advertising campaigns, as backdrops in promotional videos, or as decorating elements of products. This trend shows and confirms that these forms of art are vulnerable. They are actually more exposed to unauthorised exploitation (and destruction as well) than works of fine art, because they are placed in the public eye.

Protecting Art in the Street explains, with words and images, how copyright laws apply to street art and graffiti, and how they can be of help to creators within these artistic communities. Knowledge about these issues does matter. There has recently been a spike in legal actions or complaints against corporations and individuals that have tried to exploit commercially street artworks without the artists’ consent; and more importantly without sharing with them any profit. Also, legal actions have been brought by street artists to fight destruction of their pieces.
By adopting a simple language, Protecting Art in the Street constitutes an easy-to-understand guide aimed at navigating street artists and graffiti writers through otherwise difficult and intricate legal issues concerning the protection of their artistic outputs.